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Fans, blowers and compressors typically generate unwanted tonal and broadband noise, whose minimization and control is a major concern and challenge. Designers and manufacturers need to produce silent designs, relying as much as possible on simulation tools and design methodologies offering integrated, fast and automated solutions.

In line with these requirements, NUMECA International is proud to announce the release of the new FINE™/Acoustics wizard for the automatic noise analysis of turbomachinery applications. 

The wizard allows to automatically setup, run and post-process the aero-acoustic analysis to compute the noise sources and the propagated sound. The noise sources are reconstructed on the basis of a cost-efficient CFD steady RANS simulation, while the sound propagation is computed by an efficient solver using an acoustic mesh automatically built in background.

This approach largely reduces the required engineering time and provides the user with a fully automated tool effectively applicable for design and optimization purposes.

Join our webinar to learn all about it!


Timing: Tuesday February 14th 2017

10:00AM (Brussels), 4:00PM (Beijing), 5:00PM (Tokyo) 

Duration: approx. 30 minutes presentation, followed by an open discussion


Location: Connect from anywhere in the world to one of the sessions most convenient for you.


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