Amical Project

AMICAL - Advanced Modeling Capabilities For UHBR Low Noise Fan Technology

In the context of the next generation UHBR (Ultra High By-pass Ratio) engines, low noise fan technologies have to be developed. The design of these innovative fan technologies is highly dependent on the capacity of the modeling tools to predict, with a high level of accuracy, the aeroacoustics phenomena taking place in the engine. High-fidelity numerical simulations are therefore required, with enhanced accuracy levels.

The AMICAL project focuses on the application of advanced high-fidelity numerical techniques, based on Lattice Boltzmann and high order Navier Stokes methods, to industrial fan/outlet guide vane configurations, to identify main noise sources.

Several fan/outlet guide vane configurations will be computed, including installation effects, noise reduction techniques and wind tunnel experiments. The project will also focus on new post-processing techniques, to improve noise source detection and comprehension.


Main Project Objectives

The AMICAL project aims at developing and validating numerical advanced tools, based on High Order and Lattice Boltzmann methods, for the accurate and reliable prediction of UHBR aeroacoustics effects. The noise reduction of next generation UHBR engines is indeed a major challenge and will be highly dependent of the use of high-fidelity simulation techniques at pre-design stages. The development of innovative noise post-processing techniques is also part of the project objectives.


List of Work Packages

Work Package 1 - Management, Dissemination and Risk Reduction Plan

Work Package 2 - Requirements

Work Package 3 - High fidelity simulations of a UHBR Fan/OGV module

Work Package 4 - High fidelity simulations of an integrated propulsion system

Work Package 5 - High fidelity simulations in wind tunnel environment

Work Package 6 - Innovative data treatments for noise source diagnostic

Work Package 7 - Innovative aeroacoustic solution for antenna instrumentation

Work Package 8 - Development of advance aeroacoustic simulations abilities for noise reduction concepts

Work Package 9 - High fidelity modelisation of a UHBR fan module with noise reduction concepts


Expected Results for Cadence

Cadence will exploit in the AMICAL project its High-Order product for turbomachinery and acoustic predictions.


Project information:

Grant agreement ID: 886733

Funded under H2020-EU-

Overall budget €2,098,750


Project duration:

48 months