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NUMECA is now Cadence


As CFD solutions partner with the world’s major automotive manufacturers, Cadence ensures engineers can evaluate designs quickly, and above all, reliably. 

Our application-focused solutions provide automated workflows that allow engineers to ramp up projects quickly and within a robust design optimization framework that can be tailored to specific PLM/CAD interfaces and for Digital Printing. 

Further, because our solutions are based within one comprehensive software environment, Omnis™engineers can streamline their work while simultaneously reducing IT software overhead, saving valuable dollars in the process.


Application dedicated CFD software

Cadence's solutions enable fully-automated, virtual vehicle development with tools such as:

  • Dedicated, fast solvers for underhood thermal management and external aerodynamics
  • A complete end-to-end solution for rotating equipment including pumps, turbochargers, fans, etc.
  • High quality full hex or hex-dominant meshing
  • A whole suite of aero- and vibro-acoustic tools for noise source identification and propagation 
  • Unsteady flow-solvers based on the Lattice Boltzmann method for complex geometries and complicated physics, such as drivetrains and gearboxes
  • Full thermal management simulation with aerodynamics and conjugate heat transfer on half a billion mesh points can be done in half a day 

Solutions can be rolled out on premises, On-Demand via dedicated HPC Cloud Computing Resources or a powerful combination of both.



Omnis - From design to results analysis, the entire CAE workflow in ONE single environment

An end-to-end CAE framework for all steps in the simulation process, powered by the fastest solvers on the market.

Accurately predict real-world product performance through multiphysics simulation. Run all of your CAE  simulations (FEA, CFD, EM,...) in one open platform and change from one physics to another by the simple click of a button. 

Set-up is a breeze; go from CAD to a CFD-ready high-quality mesh in minutes.

Fidelity-to-Need - Choose the level of fidelity you need from your CFD (RANS, DES/LES, LB,..) at the design stage where it's required.

Steer product design from start to finish through a highly-automated and streamlined workflow, with adaptability to go from Print to Manufacturing Systems.


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Forget about CAD repair thanks to AutoSeal

AutoSeal is the fastest, most innovative approach for CAD preparation on the market today​.  

Poor quality CADs and highly complex structures require a lot of manual input to result in a good quality mesh.

Cadence's AutoSeal offers the ability to automatically prepare geometries for CFD analysis in near real-time. For example, it was taking skilled engineers from Honda Automotive one week to clean and fill the holes in their CR-V cab geometry. With the simple installation of AutoSeal, Honda now does this in 1 hour with a 100% success rate. It was a radical improvement to their workflow that was implemented in under a week. 

Together with a number of clients in the automotive industry, Cadence did the math and estimated that they can save up to 50.000 USD for each CFD application they run.

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“We massively invested in Cadence solutions more than two years ago and are very satisfied with the level of precision they provide us.“ - Dr. Takiguchi, Chief Engineer at Honda Automobile R&D Center


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