Consulting & Applied Research Solutions

NUMECA is now Cadence

NUMFLO is a leading engineering company, subsidiary of Cadence Design Systems, that offers advanced consulting services and research and innovation projects, for everything from fluid flow and fluid/solid multiphysics analysis to full design and optimization projects.

We provide high-quality solutions, targeted to your specific projects and needs. Our expert team of PhD and Master level engineers has successfully partnered with the most demanding of both large, global OEMs and small niche businesses, across a variety of industries. 


Engineering application trends

Turn around your projects in any of the following applications (non-exhaustive list):

Wide range of applications and industries


  • External aerodynamics around aircrafts and helicopters
  • Aircraft engine performances using advanced 3D flow simulation for turbomachinery components
  • Impact of flow distortion on performances
  • Aeroacoustics for tonal and broadband noise, including acoustic liners modeling
  • Fluid-structure analysis including flutter and forced response
  • 3D automatic optimization of turbomachinery components using artificial neural network and genetic algorithms for blade profile design,...


  • Fast and reliable external aerodynamics thanks to 3D automatic unstructured mesh generation
  • 3D steady and unsteady flow simulations inside turbochargers (compressors, turbines)
  • 3D automatic optimization of water pump including inlet duct and volute
  • Dedicated acoustic tools for muffler applications,....

Space and defense

  • 3D flow analysis in rocket engine turbopumps and seals using thermodynamic tables for accurate fluid modeling
  • Rotordynamics assessment using full unsteady simulations with moving mesh technique,
  • External aerodynamics including 3D hypersonic flows around space launchers and missiles
  • Drag/lift/moment coefficients of projectiles, ....

Wind engineering

  • 3D vertical or horizontal wind turbine simulations using dedicated high quality structured meshing tools and automatic post-processing scripts
  • Fluid-structure analysis of wind turbine blades including innovative mesh deformations techniques for large structure displacements
  • Wind effects assessments such as pedestrian wind comfort
  • Steady and unsteady efforts on structures, ...


Process industry

Simulation, analysis and optimization of a wide range of industrial flows, including

  • Pressure loss calculations
  • Pressure/velocity contours and streamlines
  • Aero-vibro-acoustic simulations using innovative CFD-integrated environment
  • Industrial silencers
  • Dedicated modeling for cavitating flows, combustion, porous media, heat transfer, cryogenic fluids, multi-species, ...

Marine industry

  • Resistance, seakeeping and maneuvering calculations
  • Propulsion including propellers modeling, from actuator disk approach to sliding grid methodology
  • Wind, current and waves loadings
  • Offshore platforms
  • External aerodynamics,...


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