Fidelity™ Automesh Hexpress

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Fully unstructured hexahedral meshing with hex dominant mesh options for complex geometries

Hexpress can handle any possible geometry, no matter how complex. High quality meshes are produced at speeds of up to two orders of magnitude faster than competitive products.


Hexpress includes access to HEXPRESS™/Hybrid.


Drastic reduction of engineering time

Thanks to AutoSeal, users avoid spending time on CAD cleaning and repairing

"Where a skilled engineer typically needed one full week to close all the holes of the cabin space before, now this whole process is brought down to just about one hour." Akio Takamura, Chief Engineer at Honda Automotive

To speed up the process even further once the CAD is prepared, Hexpress' unique capability to mesh in parallel on distributed memory allows for meshes to be generated on several computer or clusters at the same time. As a result, millions of cells can be created in minutes.

For an example from the automotive industry   Read more

Choosing the best meshing algorithms, case by case

Hexpress not only offers the choice between a Volume-to-Surface (no surface mesh required) or Surface-to-Volume approach, but allows for a combination of both. This mesh generator is the only one on the market to propose a complete tool kit with all best-in-class volume meshing algorithms, including:

  • Full hexahedral meshes with hanging nodes
  • Hex dominant meshes without hanging nodes
  • Full tetrahedral meshes

They even work on non-conformal and not-watertight CAD geometries.

For surface mesh generation, it offers Full Triangles or Quad-dominant.

Surface meshing full triangles aircraft

Full triangles surface meshing of an aircraft

KJ66 combustion chamber volume meshing

Volume meshing of a KJ66 combustion chamber (V2S & S2V)

Efficient flow simulation workflows

Hexpress is available as a standalone or bundled.

Within our Fidelity environment users can easily couple their own flow solver to our meshing technology and take advantage of a highly streamlined workflow.

Complete automation of the workflow from A to Z is made possible with the Python plugin API.

Instantaneous mesh previewing with on-the-fly texture mapping gives a quick preliminary sneak view of the mesh before even starting the grid generation process.

Structured & Unstructured seamlessly combined

Within Fidelity Automesh, mesh generation methods can be combined to benefit from the best of each technology, ​combining high-fidelity with speed

  • The structured automatic, multi-block meshing tool AutoGrid for structured meshes, offers unsurpassed speed and accuracy for rotating equipment.
  • Hexpress provides high-quality unstructured meshing for even the most complex geometries.

Different methods can be used per domain of simulation or at different places of the same object and connected via non matching connections.

Viscous layers insertion

Volume meshing includes high quality viscous layers insertion with inflation or extrusion method, ensuring the best possible transition for the turbulence.​ A combination is also possible, the user can choose the best option for each surface in the geometry.

The inflation method is compatible with full hexahedral and hex dominant meshes. In this method, the first boundary layer from the Euler mesh is inflated (pushing away the other cells) and the viscous layers are then inserted. It creates an excellent transition between the last layer and the Euler mesh.

The extrusion method is compatible with hex dominant meshes. In this method, the boundary layer is inserted based on the requested height, removing the cells underneath from the Euler mesh. Viscous layers are then inserted and a reconnection is done with the far field mesh. The advantages are here double: a perfect far field and more constant boundary layer thickness.

For more information on the latest advancements in meshing tools     VIEW PRESENTATION


Meshing in Fidelity Automesh - an automotive example


Key Features

  • Mesh arbitrarily complex shapes: internal/external, CFD & FEM grids
  • Full edge capturing on user request
  • Robust and integrated CAD cleaning and hole closing
  • Small gaps and overlaps automatically resolved
  • Large gaps detected and closed with AutoSeal
  • Batch or Interactive GUI-fully scriptable
  • Volume to surface approach, with pure Tet, Hex or Hybrid meshes
  • Surface mesher, with triangles or quad dominant cells
  • Surface to volume approach, with Tet or Hex dominant meshes
  • Flexible viscous layers insertion with smooth transition
  • Meshing of multiple volumes with matching connections in one step
  • Meshing of thin-surfaces (heat shields, exhaust pipes, etc)


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